Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adolph Reyes by Ian Felix Alquiros

Thanks Ian Felix Alquiros for allowing me to repost the pictures of your latest model, Adolph Reyes. Should I say more about him? I guess these pictures would show how gorgeous he is. I love his hair by the way. Reminds me of Matt Evans when he joined PBB.

404230_10150781457269129_792174128_12514074_1238647680_n 407587_10150745782794129_792174128_12404592_1848540691_n 418931_10150745782229129_792174128_12404585_1617416550_n 419247_10150781456649129_792174128_12514063_1786998387_n 421068_10150781456919129_792174128_12514068_1441161425_n 421695_10150781456769129_792174128_12514065_867825969_n 425906_10150781457084129_792174128_12514071_1442573570_n 426739_10150745781874129_792174128_12404582_892324918_n 427250_10150781457404129_792174128_12514077_1690844558_n

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