Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Look-Alike: Joem Bascon

Joem Bascon is an ABS-CBN talent currently in the TV series “Habang May Buhay”. He gained popularity in the Philippines by being a model for underwear brand Folded & Hung, as well as being a look-alike to Piolo Pascual.

Joem Bascon was also seen in the Cinemalaya film “Adela” in 2008 and “Walang Hanggang Paalam” with actress Lovi Poe. He was also been hired as product endorser for underwear brand Guitar. Photos courtesy of rddantes.

1_318202178l 2 DSCF0963 DSCF3512 DSCF09324 IMG851 joem Joem1 Joem2 joem3 joem4 joem12 copy joem14 joem211 joem and derek JoemCarlosRDD1 JoemCarlosRDD2 JoemHung joiem091 copy

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Sexy Disney Male Characters

What happens when Hentai meets Disney male characters? Gorgeous pictures! Check out some of Disney’s lead characters in sexy underwear courtesy of Deviant Art.

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Boxers or Briefs?

I always ask it to a new textmate. I’m always interested to know if a guy prefers boxers or briefs. I also ask for the brand. Fetish.

Here are the latest briefs from Amat Underwear:

amat-underwear-01 amat-underwear-11 amat-underwear-21 amat-underwear-31  amat-underwear-51 

And here are the latest boxers from Opositor Underwear. So guys, which style do you prefer?

opositor-underwear-11 opositor-underwear-21 opositor-underwear-31 opositor-underwear-41 opositor-underwear-61 opositor-underwear-71 opositor-underwear-81 opositor-underwear-91



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