Friday, October 17, 2014

Dennis Pangilinan Jr, Gandang Lalake, Kuma-Career

I saw the picture of Dennis Pangilinan Jr on Facebook and I was mesmerized by his flawless skin and his bulge in this picture.

According to  Mykiru Isyusero, Dennis Pangilinan Jr is from Bulacan and was given the titles Mr. STI College - Balagtas, Bulacan 2011 and Lakan ng Bulakan 2011 2nd Runner Up.

He’s one of the candidates of Gandang Lalake, Kuma-Career – a segment on “It’s Showtime” (ABS-CBN).

Dennis Pangilinan Jr

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Got Married

Finally, the couple I admire the most, finally got married. After living together for 10 years and have twin kids, Neil Patrick Harris (“How I Met Your Mother”) and David Burtka finally got married in Italy.

I admire them so much. I hope to get married soon with my current boyfriend named Tootsie Roll.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You probably heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – unless you’re living under rock for the last 2 weeks or so. People get to be “nominated” to do the Ice Bucket Challenge (pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over the head) or donate $100 to the In turn, the person who performed the challenge gets to nominate 3 other people to do the same thing.

It reminds me of the movie “Pay It Forward” wherein you have to forward good deeds to 3 more people which gives the ripple effect. The only difference is, in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it’s recorded (because the participants are oblige to post the “proof” of the challenge online). The main concern of the challenge is actually donation and making people aware that there is a disease called Leu Gehrig’s Disease (a.k.a. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) thus ALS.

It’s a rare disease and an estimated 5,000 people in the US are diagnosed each year. No cure has yet been found for Lou Gehrig’s Disease and most people with this disease die from respiratory failure, usually within 3 to 5 years from the onset of the symptoms. Read more about it from Mama’s Health.

Good thing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is that a lot of celebrities (with thousands of followers) like One Republic, participated in the challenge and thus has a huge ripple effect. I sure hope that everyone of us got an invitation/nomination to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, donate to charity, and pass the message forward. It also encourages other charitable institutions to come up with such a HIT to reach more people faster and to encourage donations for a good cause.

Let’s pay it forward

I would love to see the Queen of England do the challenge.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I first heard the song “Dyosa” in our company pantry. It became my LSS for the longest time. I was surprised to learn that this song is actually from the “Diary ng Panget” Official Sound Track (OST). The message of the song is what a lot of gays are hoping – to be a Dyosa (literally Goddess). The singer, Yumi, is quite new to me. She sings well.

This MTV also features Matt Edwards – one of the cute guys of Juan Direction.

Matt Edwards is very handsome in this video.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gay Marriage Now

I envy the First World Countries – they truly evolved into society where every citizen is given the right to be happy. They came to a point that gay marriage and adoption (by gay parents) are already allowed. All studies regarding the high standards of living showed that these countries that allowed gay marriages (and adoption) or even Civil Union/Partnership scored very high in these studies.

I just can’t help but hope, that the Philippines could at least come up with a Civil Partnership Law that will allow gay couples to enjoy the equal benefits of the law – for taxation purposes, health insurance, healthcare, etc. I’m just hoping that this will happen in the next 50 years.

Let’s be wise – let’s vote for candidates that are at least tolerant or neutral towards gay people.

gay couple

Here’s an inspiring video uploaded by Hieu Tran on YouTube for his wonderful dads. Cheers to all the happy gay couples out there!

Wonderful video

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aaron Paul Garcia by Photographer Ryx Skyler

I have discovered another great Filipino portraiture photographer by the name of Ryx Skyler. He’s a senior photographer and multi-media artist from Angeles City. He represents Avalon Production Agency and Ferraris Image Styling.

He recently publish these amazing shots of Aaron Paul Garcia and it turns out great.

Aaron Paul Garcia by Ryx Skyler 2Aaron Paul Garcia by Ryx Skyler 3Aaron Paul Garcia by Ryx Skyler 4Aaron Paul Garcia by Ryx Skyler 5Aaron Paul Garcia by Ryx Skyler

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stylish Gay Guys for Bench’s B/PROUD Campaign

Bench, one of the country’s leading fashion company, recently launched it’s B/PROUD Campaign. According to the Bench website, “The B/PROUD campaign was born from this need to overpower narrow-mindedness and empower the fearful and restrained.”

The website also encourages its visitors to “Support the campaign and tell us what being gay means to you today. Our hashtag: #100HappyGays.”

For me, being gay means being free from the norm and being bold enough to swim opposite the current.

Don Jaucian and Paulo Edrosolano

Don Jaucian and Paulo Edrosolano

Franz Mayo, Jappy Posadas, Matthew Chan, Deric Dario, and Karlo Hernandez

Franz Mayo, Jappy Posadas, Matthew Chan, Deric Dario, and Karlo Hernandez

Gio Gahol

Gio Gahol

Jigs Mayuga & George Defiesta, Jr.

Jigs Mayuga & George Defiesta, Jr.

Maco Custodio Shoe Designer

Maco Custodio, Shoe Designer

Patrick Ty

Patrick Ty

Robbie Piñera and James Burn 

Robbie Piñera and James Burn

Thursday, May 29, 2014

John Spainhour is Mr. World-Philippines 2014

John Spainhour is declared as the Philippines’ representative to the Mr. World Pageant in Torbay, UK (The English Riviera). This will be on June 15, 2014.

I hope John Spainhour will surpass the success of Andrew Wolff. We wish you success and make us proud.

(I was hoping Sam Ajdani would be our Mr. World-Philippines but John Spainhour is also a good choice).

John Spainhour Mr World-Philippines 2014

Picture courtesy of Yahoo Philippines

Adriane by Vince Sarala Photography

Photographer Vince Sarala is the person behind the gorgeous pictures of this year’s Fabmale Manila (The Ultimate Bikini Open). I am beginning to notice his works including that of Adriane – a handsome Pinoy. I would surely feature more good looking guys on this blog, specially those taken by Vince Sarala Photography.

“life is one big priceless moment - it is my passion to capture it and immortalize it...” –Vince Sarala

Adriane by Vince Sarala Photography 2Adriane by Vince Sarala Photography 3Adriane by Vince Sarala Photography

Fabmale Manila–The Battle for Bikini Supremacy!

The rainy season is almost upon us – but before we submerge ourselves in the floods of Manila, here’s our last hurrah for summer.

Meet the gorgeous candidates of Fabmale Manila - The Battle for Bikini Supremacy! These pictures of the candidates in their Happy Sailor shoot by Vince Sarala Photography proves that Fabmale Manila is the ULTIMATE bikini contest.

Watch these gorgeous guys battle it out for Bikini Supremacy on June 21, 2014 Saturday 7pm at Area 05 (formerly Ratzky's), Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Tickets at P500 only.

Mark your calendars for our last hurrah this Summer 2014.


Aeron and AJ


One of my personal favorites is Allen Molina. Who are your favorites?


Angelito and Baron

CarloDave Franco

Carlo and Dave Franco


Dave and Don


Franco and Gerald


Henrick is oozing with sex appeal and very photogenic. I want to meet him in person. I hope he wins.


Jeric and Jhay


Jhay-Ar and Jinggoy


Joem and Justine


Kimichigo and Loyd

MacoyMark Adonis

Macoy and Mark Adonis

Mark RevillaMark Salazar

Mark Revilla and Mark Salazar


Mark and Miko

NeilPaul Jake

Neil and Paul Jake


I’m also betting for Renier – he’s cute! He somehow reminds me of Alden Richards.


Reyniel and Reza


Richard and Rigor


Ronnie and Russel


Zxymond – what a unique name – and Jake



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