Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HelerDesigns Call Center Workwear

I love the shirts that are designed and marketed by HelerDesigns. It’s definitely made for call center agents (a.k.a. Kolboy and Kolgirl) like me.

Please check out their Facebook page to know more about this great workwear brand.

Kolboy and Kolgirl Shirts

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Neung Thammajak for Stud Underwear

For some weird reason, he reminds me of Paulo Avelino.

Here’s Neung Thammajak, a Thai male model, wearing sexy Stud Underwear. Photos courtesy of Thai photographer Haruehun Airry.

Neung Thammajak wears STUD 2Neung Thammajak wears STUD

Neung Thammajak wears STUD 3Neung Thammajak wears STUD 4Neung Thammajak wears STUD 5Neung Thammajak wears STUD 6Neung Thammajak wears STUD 7Neung Thammajak wears STUD 8Neung Thammajak wears STUD 9


Enrique Gil for Gold’s Gym

Enrique Gil proves to be a buffed guy specially in a tank top. I would love to go to Gold’s Gym with him.

Enrique Gil for Gold's Gym

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cinemalaya 2013 Film Festival Finalists

One of my most favorite photographers, Jason Paul C. Laxamana, is a finalist in this year’s Cinemalaya 2013 Film Festival. His movie entry is entitled “Babagwa” and he’ll be competing in the New Breed category.

Here are the other finalists of Cinemalaya 2013 Film Festival taken from Inquirer.

Directors’ Showcase:

Cesar Evangelista’s “Amor y Muerte”

Jeffrey Jeturian’s “Extra”

Gil M. Portes’ “The Liars”

Jerrold Tarog’s “Sana Dati”

Adolfo Alix Jr.’s “Porno”


New Breed:

Mikhail Red’s “Rekorder”

Emmanuel Palo’s “David F”

Christopher Ad. Castillo’s “Diplomat Hotel”

Eduardo Roy Jr.’s “Quick Change”

Richard S. Legaspi’s “Primera Bella”

Joseph Israel Laban’s “Siyam”

Jason Paul C. Laxamana’s “Babagwa”

Hannah Espia’s “Transit”

Carlo Obispo’s”Purok 7″

Alvin B. Yapan’s “Debosyon”

Cinemalaya Logo

Monday, January 14, 2013

Who’s That Folded & Hung Guy?

I only saw the 2012 Holiday Collection of Folded & Hung today and I can’t help but wonder who’s that male model. He’s surely someone new to me and it’s a great relief to see a different model for this fashion and clothing brand.

Please help me out in knowing his name. Thanks!

Folded and Hung 2Folded and Hung 3Folded and Hung 4Folded and Hung 5Folded and Hung 6Folded and Hung 7Folded and Hung 8Folded and Hung 9Folded and Hung 10Folded and Hung 11Folded and Hung 12Folded and Hung 13Folded and Hung 14Folded and Hung

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who’s That Abercrombie & Fitch Guy?

I first heard of Abercrombie & Fitch from the 90s boyband LFO in their hit song “Summer Girls”. Unfortunately, there is no A & F store here in the country but it doesn’t stop the popularity of the brand. I’m a subscriber of their Facebook page and I can say that they really live up to their store concept of catering to teens and early 20s consumers.

I wonder who’s their male model that usually appears in their Facebook fan page.

A and F Guy 2A and F Guy 3A and F Guy 4A and F Guy 5A and F Guy 6A and F Guy 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mario Maurer in Tenn Magazine January Issue

I only watched “Suddenly It’s Magic” last night. It’s the first Filipino movie of Thai star Mario Maurer and I enjoyed the movie. It’s romantic and a bit realistic.

Mario Maurer is also featured in the January edition of Tenn Magazine and he’s as gorgeous as ever.

mario maurer in tenn magazine 2mario maurer in tenn magazine 3mario maurer in tenn magazine 4mario maurer in tenn magazine 5mario maurer in tenn magazine 6mario maurer in tenn magazine 7mario maurer in tenn magazine

UnderGear Models

UnderGear is a very popular online site where you can purchase different brands of underwear for guys. I adore the models of UnderGear.

Body Q Solid TrunkChiko Loco Bright TrunkGabriel Grey® Skin TrunkUnico® Brief

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jaymes and James of The Amazing Race Season 21

I can’t get enough of Jaymes and James – the Chippendale team of The Amazing Race Season 21. It already ended last month but I’m still watching it for the second time simply because I adore Jaymes and James.

They’re among my favorite teams in The Amazing Race of all times and like so many of their fans, we hope to see them again in the next Amazing Race All-Stars or Unfinished Business. Jaymes is a very hunky gay guy and I idolize him, a lot! I also love their friendship and their chemistry in the entire season 21. They’re so easy to love.

Here are some of their gorgeous pictures!

james davis

James Davis

jaymes and james 3jaymes and james 4

jaymes and james 6

Right now, aside from their regular performance as Chippendales, they’re also busy with their fundraising on the Forget Cancer Now website

jaymes vaughan 3jaymes vaughan 4

jaymes vaughan 7jaymes vaughan 8jaymes vaughan 9

Jaymes Vaughan, including his younger modeling photos

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