Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Brazilian Hottie: Eduardo Fiorin

There are so many hot Brazilian male models – like the scandalous Jonas Sulzbach and Eduardo Fiorin. I hope these two gorgeous Brazilian models would also visit the Philippines to do some projects here. We can’t get enough of sexy Brazilian models.

Photos courtesy of photographer Du Borsatto.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bench Body at the Philippine Fashion Week

Some of the hottest male models in the country are present during the Philippine Fashion Week. These are the guys in Bench Body underwear – Borgy Manotoc, Paolo Roldan, The Semerad Twins, Vince Ferraren, Sam Ajdani and the men of Philippine Volcanoes.

Borgy Manotoc 

Borgy Manotoc

David and Anthony Semerad

David Semerad and his twin brother Anthony Semerad

Paolo Roldan

Paolo Roldan

Philippine Volcanoes

The Philippine Volcanoes

Sam Ajdani

Sam Ajdani

Vince Ferraren

Vince Ferraren

The Scandalous Jonas Sulzbach

Jonas Sulzbach is a Brazilian male model. He won the title of Mister Brazil 2010 and he also became a Housemate in Big Brother Brasil 12.

He made headlines last year when his JO video was leaked on the Internet. I saw his video scandal and I can say that he really got something that he could be very proud of. He’s very good looking and well-hung.

Jonas Sulzbach was recently featured in GLAD Magazine, a Brazilian publication. I do hope that he could visit the Philippines soon.


The scandalous Jonas Sulzbach is really gorgeous, with or without his pants.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nichkhun and Other Bench Denim Endorsers

I really love Thai and Korean guys. The moment I saw Nichkhun, I know that he’ll end up on this blog.

Nichkhun is a Thai-Chinese American singer and works for the South Korean boy band 2PM. He is also a product endorser for Bench Denim and was featured in Bench’s 2013 Denim collection. I hope I get more photos of Nichkhun.

Nichkhun for BENCH


The cute Nichkhun of the boy band 2PM

Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Aljur Abrenica for Bench 2013 Denim Collection

Aljur Abrenica

Borgy Manotoc

Borgy Manotoc

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Husband’s Lover

My Husband’s Lover is an upcoming tele-novela (Filipino TV series) starring two Hanford male models – Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo. It’s set to air in June 2013.

I’m very excited for this tele-novela since this will be a first of its kind on Philippine television. I’m also a fan of Tom Rodriguez who recently transferred from ABS-CBN to rival network GMA 7. Let’s all support and watch My Husband’s Lover.

Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo

Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo are lovers in the upcoming TV series My Husband’s Lover.

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Marvin Arce for Calvin Klein

Thank God It’s Friday! Here’s Marvin Arce wearing a sexy, black Calvin Klein underwear. Picture courtesy of the magnificent Pampanga photographer. I hope someone could provide me with Marvin Arce’s Facebook page.

marvin arce for ck

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zac Efron’s Sexy Abs

Troy Bolton of “High School Musical” turned out to be a very sexy young man after graduating from high school!

Actor Zac Efron is seen here in one of his sexiest moment ever. He’s currently filming the movie “Townies” in Los Angeles. I’m sure it will be another hit like “The Lucky One”. I can’t wait to see him in his latest movie.

Photos courtesy of Male Celeb News.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

That Cute Diver Tom Daley

For the longest time, I thought Tom Daley is a swimmer! When I checked his Twitter account today, it’s written that he’s a diver and I verified it on Wikipedia. I also saw his latest pictures at Just Jared and realized how cute and gorgeous he really is. I love his smile in his Wikipedia picture!

Tom Daley made headlines worldwide when he “won the bronze medal for Great Britain in the individual competition at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.” I also learned today that he appeared in the TV show Splash! Check his website here.


I adore his smile in this Wikipedia picture!


Tom Daley is definitely cute, sexy and has massive sex appeal.

Monday, May 6, 2013

This Blog Just Hit 2 Million Page Views

Thank you guys for visiting my blog! Today, it passed the 2 Million Hits (page views). It inspires me to do better and to make this blog a source of information for entertainment news and of course, gorgeous guys.

I hope to reach the 3 Million Hits soon enough. Thanks again for visiting!

2M hits

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Boracay Bodies 2013 by Ash Reginald Evasco

Summer is definitely upon us. I can’t wait for all the male bikini open that will happen like the Mossimo Bikini Summit.

Photographer Ash Reginald Evasco recently posted pictures of gorgeous guys in Boracay – that paradise island off the coast of Aklan. Now I know how the place is crowded with guys in their beach-worthy bodies.

Boracay Bodies 2013 by Ash Reginald Evasco.

Boracay Bodies 2013 bBoracay Bodies 2013 c

Gym mates?

Boracay Bodies 2013 dBoracay Bodies 2013 eBoracay Bodies 2013 f

4 gorgeous, beach-worthy guys. Wow!

Boracay Bodies 2013 gBoracay Bodies 2013 h

What a tattoo!

Boracay Bodies 2013 jBoracay Bodies 2013 lBoracay Bodies 2013 m

Cute facial reaction

Boracay Bodies 2013 nBoracay Bodies 2013 oBoracay Bodies 2013 pBoracay Bodies 2013 q

This guy is smoking hot! He reminds me of Paulo Avelino.

Boracay Bodies 2013 rBoracay Bodies 2013 sBoracay Bodies 2013 tBoracay Bodies 2013 uBoracay Bodies 2013 vBoracay Bodies 2013 wBoracay Bodies 2013 xBoracay Bodies 2013 

Piolo, is that you?

Latest Nathaniel Buzolic Pictures

Season 4 of “The Vampire Diaries” is about to end. There are rumors that a spin-off will be launch focusing on the original vampires – including Kol Mikaelson (played by Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic).

Nathaniel Buzolic is one of my most favorite actors in “The Vampire Diaries” along with Zach Roerig and Steven McQueen. Since the characters of Nathaniel Buzolic and Steven McQueen are both dead on Series 4, I am definitely hoping that they’ll be resurrected on the spin-off.

These latest pictures of Nathaniel Buzolic are from Just Jared.


Nathaniel Buzolic is one of the hottest actors of “The Vampire Diaries”. I hope to see more of him on the spin-off – The Originals.



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