Monday, January 2, 2012

Sam Kneen: Mr. Gay UK 2011

Sam Kneen is a 22 year old hairdresser-turned-model from Cardiff, United Kingdom. He was recently crowned Mr. Gay UK 2011 last December. The first time I saw his pictures (without reading the article), I thought he’s just another straight male model. Knowing that he’s gay, makes him sexier!

Here are some of his pictures taken by London-based photographer Paul Reiffer.

 sam kneen mr uk2011-01 sam kneen mr uk2011-21sam kneen mr uk2011-11  sam kneen mr uk2011-31 sam kneen mr uk2011-41 sam kneen mr uk2011-51 sam kneen mr uk2011-61 sam kneen mr uk2011-71 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-01 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-02 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-03 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-04 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-05 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-06 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-07 Sam-Kneen-by-photographer-Paul-Reiffer-08

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