Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hadi Bashang in Underwear

According to his Model Mayhem profile, Hadi Bashang is a 21 year-old male model from Huntington Station, New York, USA.

He loves to workout and loves to do photo shoots in the hopes of adding amazing pictures to the photographer’s profile as well as his profile. All I could say is that I love seeing him in white underwear!

hadi_bashang_underwear_1 hadi_bashang_underwear_2 hadi_bashang_underwear_3 hadi_bashang_underwear_4 hadi_bashang_underwear_5 hadi_bashang_underwear_6 hadi_bashang_underwear_7 hadi_bashang_underwear_8 hadi_bashang_underwear_11hadi_bashang_underwear_9 hadi_bashang_underwear_10  hadi_bashang_underwear_12

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