Friday, September 23, 2011

A Young Model by Haruehun Airry

He is one of the most handsome models of Haruehun Airry, the Thai photographer. Unfortunately, I don’t know his real name. Let me share you some of his head shots taken from the photographer’s blog. Isn’t he gorgeous?

63644_10150335830155014_778220013_16386047_4286471_n 65801_10150335830535014_778220013_16386054_6995897_n 148226_10150335830330014_778220013_16386050_447543_n 155823_10150335829945014_778220013_16386037_4690565_n 168904_10150091561562770_281975037769_5894717_7018614_n 179317_10150091564907770_281975037769_5894749_6472417_n

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