Saturday, June 16, 2012

Les Insurges Underwear Part 1 of 2

Les Insurgés is a French underwear brand that emphasize design that is urban, authentic, evocative and masculine. The word “Les Insurges” itself denotes “going again the grain or living life the way you choose”.

What makes this brand different from all the other brands out there is that they focuses on boxer briefs, trunks and pure cotton boxer. Sorry guys, no briefs. I surely love this brand of underwear since I’m a guy that prefers wearing boxer briefs.

lesinsurges underwear-01lesinsurges underwear-11lesinsurges underwear-21lesinsurges underwear-31lesinsurges underwear-41lesinsurges underwear-51lesinsurges underwear-61lesinsurges underwear-71

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