Friday, June 29, 2012

Bench dela Torre: Indie Hunk

I first saw Bench dela Torre’s picture on the net wearing a black DKNY briefs and I got curious about him. He looks very masculine to me so I Google his name to find out more. Unfortunately, there is little information about him except that he’s a Filipino male model who’s also an indie (independent) film actor who appeared in indie movies like “3 in 1” and “Lihim Ng Mga Nympha”.

I wish someone close to this indie hunk could give me more information about him – his resume perhaps. Photo courtesy of Vic Fabe, Bubum Melgar, and Charlz Xtian.

bench de la torre 6bench de la torre 7Bench de la Torre Set 5 01-759596Bench de la Torre Set 5 02-760618Bench de la Torre Set 5 04-766184bench de la torrebench dela torre 2bench dela torre 3bench dela torre 4bench dela torre 5bench dela torre

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