Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Guys of Juan Direction

Now the guys of Juan Direction made it to stardom! They were recently featured on Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) and I simply adore their accent (British and Irish). I noticed Charlie Sutcliffe before because he’s really gorgeous.

Before being members of Juan Direction (inspired by One Direction, the boyband) these guys were known as the guys of Island Media Asia. They made a lot of videos on YouTube about their adventures in the country as half-Filipinos. They are all commercial and ramp models here in the Philippines.

They now have a Wikipedia article and the guys of Juan Direction are:

  • Brian Wilson – (Mr. Nice Guy). Born in Rosario, Cavite to Filipino mother and a British father. When he was six, his parents brought him to England.
  • Daniel Marsh – (Crush ng Bayan). Half-Irish, 1/2 Pinoy and Proud. Producer and Host at Island Media Asia. 
  • Henry Edwards – (Smooth Talker). Half-British.
  • Michael McDonnell – (Boy Next Door). Born in Canada to a Canadian father and a Boholona mother. Moved to the Philippines when he was a year old after his parents separated.
  • Charlie Sutcliffe – (The Bad Boy). Filipino-British. He’s a Print, Ramp and Commercial Model. He loves Sports, Laughin', Lovin' and Peace. He’s from Bristol (UK) and is the Producer and Host of Tayo Lang and Juan Direction.
The Rise of Juan Direction
The pilot episode of Juan Direction.

Juan Direction

I am officially a fan of Juan Direction.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sexy Editorial by Ash Reginald Evasco

Here are the official candidates of Metro Sexiest Men 2014 in Sexy Editorial. Photos courtesy of Ash Reginald Evasco.

My vote (for this set of pictures) goes to JC. Who’s your vote?

Metro Sexiest Men

Metro Sexiest Men 2Metro Sexiest Men AeronMetro Sexiest Men CepterMetro Sexiest Men ChardMetro Sexiest Men EnzoMetro Sexiest Men GliefordMetro Sexiest Men Jay-RMetro Sexiest Men JCMetro Sexiest Men JheemMetro Sexiest Men KiemMetro Sexiest Men MarkMetro Sexiest Men NikkoMetro Sexiest Men RichardMetro Sexiest Men XianMetro Sexiest Men Zaven

Monday, December 16, 2013

Metro Sexiest Men 2014 in Swimwear

Here are the gorgeous guys of Metro Sexiest Men 2014! I’m voting for Xian for Best in Swimwear. How about you?

Photography : Ash Reginald Evasco

Styling : Jessie Baquial

Hair and Make-up : Macy Aguilar

Swimwear: JUN FAUSTO

Location : F Philippines


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Metro Sexiest Men 2014 Candidates (First Batch)

Photos taken from the Facebook page of Metro Sexiest Men 2014, the Most Promising and Sexiest Model of the Year! Here’s the 1st Batch of Candidates.

Photography: Kyron Photography
Hair and Make-up : Ethel Gamboa Tomenio
Styling : Jessie Marapao Baquial
Creative Director: Jun Fausto
Production : Circle of Friends Foundation and SGP Wong Fu Productions
Photo-shoot Venue: F Club Philippines


Metro Sexiest Men 2Metro Sexiest Men 3Metro Sexiest Men 4Metro Sexiest Men 5Metro Sexiest Men

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meeting Hideo Muraoka In Person

I met Brazilian male model Hideo Muraoka in person at the Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 at Bonifacio High Street last month. He’s very gorgeous in person.

Hideo Muraoka is the December cover guy of Men’s Health Philippines.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Tom Daley Is One of Us!

Tom Daley, the famous British Olympic diver (yes, diver not swimmer) is one of us! He’s gay and he told the world about it via YouTube.

I’m very happy that he’s happy. That’s what matters. He’s doing a great job at his career and the question on who he loves doesn’t matter.

We’re happy for you Tom Daley!

Yes, Tom Daley is one of us! We’re happy that you’re happy Mr. Diver
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