Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One Up Boyband

So GMA 7 has a new boyband group called One Up. The first time I heard it, it reminded me of 1 Up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros (family computer game).


So I check out the Facebook page of One Up and it goes as far as July 16, 2016. Some of the members of this new boyband from GMA Artist Center include Yasser Marta, Jay Arcilla, Nikki Co, Dave Bornea (or Chat Bornea?), Kevin Sagra, Ralf King, Joemarie Nielsen, Brent Valdez and two more members.

We’ll definitely watch what this new boyband One Up has to offer.

One Up 2One Up 3One Up 4One Up 5One Up 6One Up

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kiko and Baron Kissed Each Other

Finally, the two guys ended their feud… with a kiss.


Kiko and Baron kiss

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Sexy Mikael Daez

Mikael Daez is very visible these days. He’s very sexy in his campaign for Hanford as well as Salvatore Mann. I’ve seen him in person during the Blogapalooza 2016 event and he’s really gorgeous – both inside and out.

I also love his blog, Running On Passion. He’s a rare kind – sexy, intelligent, and funny at times. I’m a huge fan.

Mikael Daez for HanfordMikael Daez for Salvatore Mann


Marco Gallo of Pinoy Big Brother

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition is currently at Season 7 and the one that captured my eyes is Italian teen housemate Marco Gallo, 15 years old.

Sadly, I haven’t watch Pinoy Big Brother religiously. I just notice the show whenever it’s the beginning of the season and after the show is finished and the Big 4 is revealed. I’m pretty sure that Marco Gallo is off to stardom with his sheer good looks and photogenic appeal. He’s dub as Pilyo Bello ng Italy.

Marco Gallo from ShowbizNest

Picture from ShowbizNest

Marco Gallo PBB 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Insanely Photogenic Chris Conroy

I was blown away by this picture of Chris Conroy – that gorgeous guy from Netflix’s “Mr Robot”. I think I’m going to watch his past movies including “Two Night Stand” (2014), “Sorority Row” (2009), “Beneath” (2013) and “Those People” (2015).

I enjoyed Season 1 of “Mr Robot” and I’m watching Season 2 now. Chris Conroy plays the character of Derek, the young attractive new man in Joanna’s life.

Chris Conroy Mr Robot

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Trying My Luck with Tinder, WeChat, Grindr and Blued

Gay Apps v2

So it’s been 3 months since I broke up with my boyfriend. He apparently fell out of love for me so I let him go. I followed the advice of Popoy and Basha – the 3 month rule – and now, I believe I’m ready to look for a boyfriend, actively. I think I have to look for him instead of waiting since competition these days is tough. I tried the 4 Android Apps for gay matching:

WeChat – is designed with consideration for guys and girls. You can filter guys only for the results.

Doesn’t keep record of the messages you sent unless that person accepts your invitation to chat. You have no idea whether you already chatted with that person or not.

Displays distance in meters and kilometers (3-4).You can search your Phone Contacts and Google Account for contacts (who are already using WeChat).

You can connect LinkedIn account.

Tinderis designed for guys and girls, straights and gays. You can filter only guys.

You have to like (heart logo) each other to have a connection/conversation.

Tinder Accounts can be linked to Instagram and Twitter.

You can filter results according to distance and age.

Grindrhas filter according to relationship status, tribes, what you’re looking for (relationship, friendship), age, height, etc. You can also set a profile message. Sending location and pictures is included. It has an age filter and you can also show your distance.

You can put your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter links to your profile that is clickable. The pictures are mostly squares, similar to Instagram.

Search results sometimes give you a lot of guys but only about 4-5 are within close distance (like below 20 kms). The rest are thousands kilometers away like California, Indonesia, Malaysia.

You can hide those profiles that don’t have profile pictures. Grindr has Premium Service for access to more capability of the app. This app is primarily designed for gay people.

Blued – you can view the people who checked out your profile (called Visitors). Your Instagram feeds will show in the Timeline (sync). You can also send pictures, location, etc.

You can subscribe to popular/trending feeds of users as well as those nearby. You can also like their feeds (similar to Instagram). This feature is called Timeline.

You can also create a profile including info like Relationship status, Ethnicity, Location, Hometown, Role, etc. On your profile, age, height, weight and role (Top, Versa) is included. You can search people or group.

Creating album is also optional. It also has an age filter. The chat has individual as well as group chat (similar to Facebook Messenger). There are so many Chinese guys by the way. Was this app made in China?

This is primarily designed for gay people.

Conclusion: I tried to figure out what app will give the most number and best match according to what you’re looking for and my experience with these 4 apps is not conclusive. You can meet interesting guys on all these platforms. I guess the key thing is make a very catchy and interesting self-introduction match with a nice profile picture.

Good luck to us in searching for friends a one very interesting boyfriend. A loyal boyfriend I can call my own. I’m so envious with Prince Stefan, Max Emerson and Zach Garcia who recently showed the world their boyfriends.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Adonis by Kyhry

There’s a new provider of quality and sexy men’s underwear – Adonis by Kyhry.

Adonis by Kyhry was launched in May of 2015 by Kyhry Taylor. We entered the market as a men’s ecommerce site that sold designer underwear.

Their founder, Kyhry, believes that “Men should feel just as sexy in their underwear as woman feel in their lingerie”. This is the foundation of their business; it’s what separates them from other underwear brands.

Follow them on Instagram @AdonisByKyhry #AdonisByKyhry





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