Friday, February 25, 2011

My BFF Loves Ron Morales

My friend introduced me to Ron Morales today February 25. He’s an avid fan of Ron Morales since Be Bench days. He’s the biggest contender of Carl Guevarra to the title of Be Bench Model (Male Category).
I’ve notice that my friend’s eyes glow every time he sees Ron Morales’ pictures, in TV shows, in print and specially in billboards along EDSA. DSC03223 DSC03227 DSC032301_869264215l DSC03236 DSC03356 DSC03390 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Ron_Morales vivo ouano12

He hopes that Ron Morales could see this blog and leave a comment… hoping s’ya talaga!
Photo credits goes to website.

Bench Uncut 2010

Bench is the #1 underwear brand in the Philippines based on the popularity of it’s models and sponsors. Bench is the only underwear brand in the country to hold an annual Denim and Underwear show.

Last year, the fashion show was named “Uncut”.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rafael Rosell

He is an accomplished actor and model in the Philippines. Rafael Rosell has appeared in numerous TV programs (mostly in ABS-CBN) and been modeling for underwear company Bench for ages.
One of my most favorite TV show for Rafael Rosell was in the series Precious Hearts Romances Presents: The Bud Brothers.
Photos courtesy of, Bench website,, and his official website.
Rafael Rosel 05 Rafael Rosel 06 Rafael Rosel 07 Rafael Rosel 08 rafaelbench 01 Rafael Rosell f HD Phuket Rafael Rosell 005 Rafael Rosel 01 Rafael Rosel 02 Rafael Rosel 03 Rafael Rosel 04

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bench 2011

I actually seen these photos since Christmas last year. I can’t get enough of Rafael Rosell and Benjamin Tang. They are my favorite Bench models. They are simply HOT. Visit Bench’s Official Website for more freebies.
benjamin tang jake cuenca jon avila rafael rosell ron morales wendell ramos

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are two of my favorite Filipino models -- Aljur Abrenica and Rafael Rosell. Aljur is currently the lead star in "Machete" while Rafael is a regular endorser of underwear brand "Bench". Expect more pictures of these two dashing guys from this site.

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Folded & Hung’s 2011 Summer Collection

I took the liberty of promoting the latest collection of Folded & Hung’s Summer Outfits. I just selected the guys from the Official Facebook
page of F&H since they are the only ones that interest me.
I specially loved the guys who appeared here in their underwear. Simply gorgeous. Enjoy.
167091_10150136700469319_787534318_8050166_822568_n 167599_10150136702829319_787534318_8050243_6607904_n 167800_10150136701369319_787534318_8050192_2687699_n 167860_10150136703084319_787534318_8050251_6458422_n 168065_10150136700629319_787534318_8050170_1776850_n 168090_10150136701589319_787534318_8050201_6616959_n 168471_10150136699404319_787534318_8050124_1516778_n 168677_10150136701864319_787534318_8050211_4251856_n
168745_10150136702174319_787534318_8050220_2021748_n 168787_10150136702764319_787534318_8050241_852182_n 179267_10150136701289319_787534318_8050191_603955_n 179270_10150136701964319_787534318_8050214_4391580_n 179438_10150136699439319_787534318_8050127_5391977_n 179630_10150136701489319_787534318_8050196_3850727_n 180036_10150136699784319_787534318_8050141_8053667_n 180385_10150136699899319_787534318_8050145_6575639_n 180641_10150136699654319_787534318_8050136_3950525_n hideo



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