Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nude Pictures Of Prince Harry

By now, you probably have seen the pictures of Britain’s Prince Harry in his full glory courtesy of entertainment website TMZ. There were reports that more naked pictures of Prince Harry would surface soon and today I’ve seen some of those alleged pictures.


One of those pictures shows that he’s wearing a Union Jack boxer briefs. Are these the other nude pictures of Prince Harry in his recent Las Vegas trip? If these 2nd batch of pictures of Prince Harry are true, then by all means, I can say that he really has a gorgeous body! He should really flaunt it.

The other side of the issue is that, Prince Harry is still a prince of Britain and many other nations across the globe that belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations (like Canada and Australia). Not everyone would shrug the issue saying that he’s a normal 27-year old straight guy.

I still admire Prince Harry of Britain. He’s still a normal, straight guy who’s single and doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. I believe that the British Government should file a legal case against the girl who leaked the naked pictures of Prince Harry.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Men’s Fashion Week This Weekend

I’m looking forward to the 1st Edition of the Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week this coming August 24-26, 2012 to be held at Robinsons Place Manila. I hope the organizers will give me free tickets to the event so that I could take pictures of the gorgeous male models.

See you at this fabulous event this weekend!

pilipinas men's fashion week aug 24-26, 2012pilipinas men's fashion week aug 25, 2012pilipinas men's fashion week aug 26, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wonderful Film: “North Sea Texas”

I just finished watching the gay-themed movie North Sea Texas and I must say that it’s one of the best gay-themed movie I’ve ever watched. It’s a 2011 Flemish (Belgium) drama film based on the 2004 children’s novel, Nooit gaat dit over.

North Sea Texas is a coming-of-age film about a boy named Pim who falls in-love with his best friend, Gino, who’s 3 years older than him. It’s similar to films like “Beautiful Thing”, “The Love of Siam” or even “Shelter”. It’s definitely worth watching.

Another wonderful gay-themed movie. Bravo!

North Sea Texas 2North Sea Texas 3North Sea Texas 4North Sea Texas

Monday, August 20, 2012

One Direction’s Bromance Moments

I just finished watching the Up All Night Live Tour of British-Irish Boy Band One Direction. They’re really good! I loved watching their concert video.

I also finished watching all their videos on their YouTube VEVO channel and I learned a lot of things about the guys. I also watched their X-Factor videos and they’re simply great.

I’m actually a big fan of their group and their song “What Makes You Beautiful” is the most played song on my iTunes. I also watched their performance at the recently concluded 2012 London Olympics. They’re definitely the hottest boy band these days.

I also love seeing their bromance pictures and videos. Here are some of these bromance moments courtesy of Celebuzz. I simply love these boys – they’re talented, fashionable, funny, great performers and they’re really best buds.



Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enrique Gil for “Amorosa”

After the highly successful film The Reunion, gorgeous guy Enrique Gil is set to star in another movie. This time, it would be with equally handsome guy Martin del Rosario. The title of the movie is Amorosa (The Revenge) and it will also star Angel Aquino.

Check out the gorgeous pictures of Enrique Gil.

Amorosaenrique gil for amorosa 2enrique gil for amorosa

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Island of Pasig

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. I’m affected by the recent flooding in Pasig City and it’s still flooded in our area. I’m currently typing this from my brother’s house. I have to evacuate from Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City since it’s flooded.

One week after the 08-07-12 incident (known as Hagupit ng Habagat), several places in Pasig City are still flooded. In fact, the major areas in Pasig City like the Pasig Mega Market and the Pasig City Hall compound is still flooded. It seems like Pasig City became an island – surrounded by waters. These pictures were taken yesterday:


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keeper of the Falls: TJ Cariazo

TJ Cariazo is from the town of Mabalacat, in the province of Pampanga. It seems to be fitting to call him the Keeper of the Falls in these pictures. If there is a male version of a diwata (fairy), TJ Cariazo would qualify with his looks and physique.

TJ CARIAZO of Mabalacat, Pampanga 2TJ CARIAZO of Mabalacat, Pampanga

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Angeles City Hottie: Willy Quinto

I must admit, there are a lot of HOT guys from Angeles City in the province of Pampanga. I'm starting to feel the urge to go to the City of Angels and see for myself. One of those Angeles City Hotties is Willy Quinto. He could have been sexier in underwear brands like Bench Body or Penshoppe but nonetheless, he's very sexy.
willy guinto of angeles city 2willy guinto of angeles city 4willy guinto of angeles city 3willy guinto of angeles city 5willy guinto of angeles city 6willy guinto of angeles city 7willy guinto of angeles city 8willy guinto of angeles city 9willy guinto of angeles city
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