Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nude Pictures Of Prince Harry

By now, you probably have seen the pictures of Britain’s Prince Harry in his full glory courtesy of entertainment website TMZ. There were reports that more naked pictures of Prince Harry would surface soon and today I’ve seen some of those alleged pictures.


One of those pictures shows that he’s wearing a Union Jack boxer briefs. Are these the other nude pictures of Prince Harry in his recent Las Vegas trip? If these 2nd batch of pictures of Prince Harry are true, then by all means, I can say that he really has a gorgeous body! He should really flaunt it.

The other side of the issue is that, Prince Harry is still a prince of Britain and many other nations across the globe that belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations (like Canada and Australia). Not everyone would shrug the issue saying that he’s a normal 27-year old straight guy.

I still admire Prince Harry of Britain. He’s still a normal, straight guy who’s single and doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. I believe that the British Government should file a legal case against the girl who leaked the naked pictures of Prince Harry.


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