Saturday, February 20, 2016

LGBT Rights in the United Nations

Thanks to the recent gay slurs of Manny Pacquiao, the issue of same-sex marriage in the Philippines is being discussed again in the media.

We should look at it on a larger picture. This is no longer about his belief on the Bible – this is all about the status of LGBT rights in the Philippines and worldwide. If you could just look at the article on Wikipedia regarding LGBT Rights at the UN, you would notice that there are 3 groups of nations on this matter. There’s the Pro-LGBT Rights, the Anti-LGBT Rights and those that stayed neutral.


Do we want to be among the Developed Countries or be included in those War-Torn countries?

UN Gay Rights

It’s sad to know that the Philippines belong to the 3rd group – those countries that remained Neutral/Undecided on the matter. While the Developed Countries approved same-sex marriages and the mostly-Muslim countries banned it, the Philippines neither approved it nor banned it.

It reminded me of a quote by Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". If we are to be considered as a fully democratic country, and if we are to uphold our own Constitution’s mandate of separation of Church and State, same-sex marriage should be legal in the Philippines.

We are not asking to be married in Catholic or any Christian churches. We are not demanding these institutions to change their ways to accommodate our gay rights. We are demanding the government, the State, to give us Equal Rights – including the right to be married and enjoy the benefits that come with it, in State institutions like Municipal and City Halls.

We are not demanding special rights. We are demanding Equal Rights.

UN Gay Rights 3

UN Gay Rights 2

As a founding member of the United Nations, the Philippines should adopt the decision of the majority of nations, in their resolutions. The Philippines should adapt same-sex marriage.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let’s Vote For Manny

…if we want our kids to be educated on things that are not scientifically proven. Let’s vote for Manny – if we want our gay kids to grow up knowing that they’re the only species in the planet that has gay tendencies.

Manny Pacquiao has proven to be good in boxing. Today, he has proven how “knowledgeable” he is when it comes to science. If we want our beloved country to be as progressive as developed countries, then yes, let’s vote for Manny Pacquiao.


manny hayop 2

I firmly believe that Manny Pacquiao should invest his millions in watching Discovery and National Geographic so that he’ll learn the truth about science and about homosexuality in particular. I pity him. I sure wish he’ll have a gay son.

manny hayop

Photos taken from Interaksyon.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gorgeous Cosplayer Michael Hamm

I just finished the latest animated films “Batman vs Robin” and “Batman Bad Blood”. It reminds me of gorgeous cosplayer Michael Hamm who likes to cosplay Robin and Nightwing among others. Too bad his Facebook page doesn’t reveal much about his personal life.

He describes himself on Facebook as “Geek, Model, Cosplayer, Actor, Vegan and Cat Enthusiast”. He runs an online store, Michael Hamm Prints, that sells print out of his fascinating pictures. His photographer includes Shaun Simpson.

Aquaman 2Aquaman 3AquamanBatman TattooCapt AmericaBatmanClarkFlashNew 52 Night WingSoldierNight WingNight Wing 2Nintendo Power GloveRobin 2Robin 3Robin 4RobinSexySpidey

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donald Chiu’s Olympus Series

Here’s an interesting concept – athletes in white underwear! Fantasting photography by Donald Chiu for gCircuit featuring sexy Asian models.

gcircuit 2

I wonder what his name is.

gcircuit evan dong

Evan Dong

gcircuit harrizona hui

Harrizona Hui

gcircuit harry fun

Harry Fun

gcircuit ivan huang

Ivan Huang

gcircuit ryan chuangRyan Chuang

gcircuit sorrasek thuantawee

SorrasekThuantawee SrsGuy

gcircuit torwong kerdTorwong Kerdgcircuit

Ashita Xu Charmchamrat

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Pietro Boselli Pictures

The hottest math teacher, Pietro Boselli, returns with more pictures in underwear. This time, he’s wearing Simons underwear. I can look at his pictures in underwear, all day.

Pietro Boselli has a PhD in Engineering at University College London (UCL). In London, he’s a member of Models1 and at Milan, Elite.


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