Monday, December 5, 2016

Mr Tourism World 2016 First Edition

There’s a new male pageant in town! This would be a great thing for the tourism sector and for the City of Vigan in the Ilocos. I hope this will not be the last.

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur and the City of Vigan in partnership with Gentlemen Charities Incorporated (GCI) present the 1st Edition of Mister Tourism World on December 10, 2016 at the Vigan Convention Center.

With the all-out support of the Ilocos Sur Provincial Tourism Office, the candidates will stay in Vigan from December 5-11 and enjoy the unique hospitality of one of the New7Wonders Cities.

And before going up north, they will arrive in Manila and stay first at Icon Hotel.

Good luck to the launch of the newest male pageant in the world – Mister Tourism World 2016! Good luck also to Kian Sumague – Philippine representative.

Mr Tourism World 2016 2Mr Tourism World 2016 cMr Tourism World 2016

Kian Sumague – Mr Tourism World-Philippines 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mr Supranational Philippines 2016 AR dela Serna

I don’t know if the Mr Supranational 2016 male pageant is already finished but here’s the country’s representative – AR dela Serna. He’s 22 years old from Bohol and the first title holder of Mr Supranational Philippines. I do hope he did well in representing the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Erik Esperal for Misters of Filipinas.

AR dela Serna 2Mister Supranational Philippines 2016 AR dela Serna

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mister Supranational Poland 2016 Rafał Jonkisz

Mister Supranational Poland 2016 Rafał Jonkisz will compete at the 2016 Mister Supranational pageant to be held on December 3 in Poland. He previously competed in Mister International 2015 and Mister World 2016.

Mister Supranational 2016 Rafal Jonkisz

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Manhunt International 2016 Candidates

Manhunt International is considered as the Ms Universe of the male pageant. It’s the most prestigous contest for male models. This year’s Manhunt International 2016 will be held in Shenzhen, China from October 23-29, 2016.

Our very own Don Mcgyver Cochico will represent the Philippines in this prestigious event. We wish you all the luck Don!

Follow #ManhuntInternational2016 for updates. All pictures courtesy of Missosology.

Andre Capalonga Grassi

Manhunt Fernando De Noronha 2016 is Andre Capalonga Grassi Capalonga

Angola Mauricio Eusebio

Manhunt Angola 2016 is Mauricio Eusebio

Australia Andrew Francesco

Manhunt Australia 2016 is Andrew Francesco Vlahos

Brazil Ramon Do Valle Pissaia

Manhunt Brazil 2016 is RAMON DO VALLE PISSAIA

Bulgaria Nikolai Cholakov

Manhunt Bulgaria 2016 is Nikolai Cholakov

Cameroon Hyacinthe Armel Nyanguinda

Manhunt Cameroon 2016 is Hyacinthe Armel Nyanguinda

China Bateer

Manhunt China (North) 2016 is Bateer

China South Tian Ze Yu

Manhunt China (South) 2016 is Tian Ze Yu

Costa Rica Daniel Alfaro

Manhunt Costa Rica 2016 is DANIEL ALFARO

Cyprus Charis Ioannou

Manhunt Cyprus2016 is Charis Ioannou

Czech Republic Jan Caha

Manhunt Czech Republic is JAN CAHA

Denmark Sy Lee

Manhunt Denmark 2016 is Sy LeeDominican Republic Digno Guerrero

Manhunt Dominican Republic 2016 is DIGNO GUERRERO

El Salvador David Montiel

Manhunt El Salvador 2016 is DAVID MONTIEL

England Christopher Bramell

Manhunt England 2016 is CHRISTOPHER BRAMELL

France Brayan Weber

Manhunt France 2016 is BRAYAN WEBER

Germany Marvin Osei

Manhunt Germany 2016 is MARVIN OSEI

Guam Jon Kanemoto

Manhunt Guam 2016 is JON KANEMOTO

Honduras Kilber Benjamin Gutierrez

Manhunt Honduras 2016 is Kilber Benjamin Gutierrez

Hong Kong Liu Yi Jun

Manhunt Hong Kong 2016 is Liu Yi JunIndia Grewal Gurmehar

Manhunt India 2016 is Grewal Gurmehar

Indonesia Iwan Bigwanto

Manhunt Indonesia 2016 is Iwan Bigwanto

Japan Hiroyuki Otsuka

Manhunt Japan 2016 is Hiroyuki Otsuka

Korea 2 Han Sangheon

Manhunt Korea 2016 is Han Sangheon

Korea Choi Duck Won

Manhunt Jeju Island (Korea) is Choi Duck Won

Latvia Eriks Priede

Manhunt Latvia is ERIKS PRIEDE

Lebanon Bilal Zaweel

Manhunt Lebanon 2016 is BILAL ZAWEEL

Macau Yu Xia Yang

Manhunt Macau 2016 is Yu Xia Yang

Malaysia Ken Chung

Manhunt Malaysia 2016 is KEN CHUNG

Mexico Rodrigo Goytortua

Manhunt Mexico 2016 is RODRIGO GOYTORTUA

Mongolia Namjildorj Ganorchir

Manhunt Mongolia 2016 is NAMJILDORJ GAN-ORCHIR

Myanmar Moe Thu Ya Hywe

Manhunt Myanmar 2016 is MOE THU YA HYWE (my favorite. He’s so photogenic)

Nepal Anoop Bikram Shahi

Manhunt Nepal 2016 is ANOOP BIKRAM SHAHI

Netherlands Evers Maikey

Manhunt Netherlands 2016 is EVERS MAIKEY

Nigeria Sylvester Amu

Manhunt Nigera 2016 is Sylvester Amu

NZ Michael Bureta

Manhunt New Zealand 2016 is Michael Bureta

Pakistan Shah Zeeshan

Manhunt Pakistan 2016 is SHAH ZEESHAN

Peru Alvaro Paz-Lopez Montero

Manhunt Peru 2016 is Alvaro Paz-Lopez Montero

Philippines Don Mcgyver Cochico

Manhunt Philippines 2016 Don Mcgyver Cochico

Poland Mateusz Petromichelis

Manhunt Poland 2016 is MATEUSZ PETROMICHELIS (lovely smile)

Puerto Rico Christian Trenche

Manhunt Puerto Rico 2016 is CHRISTIAN TRENCHE

Romania Cristian Daniel Paraschiv

Manhunt Romania 2016 is Cristian Daniel Paraschiv

Russia Kharkovskiy Andrey

Manhunt Russia 2016 is KHARKOVSKIY ANDREY

Siberia Ruslan Shcherbinin

Manhunt Siberia 2016 is RUSLAN SHCHERBININ

Singapore Fuad Al Hakim

Manhunt Singapore 2015-16 is FUAD AL HAKIM

Slovak Republic Kristian Kucera

Manhunt Slovak Republic 2016 is Kristian Kucera

Spain Francisco Regadera Cortes


Sri Lanka Gayan Harshapriya

Manhunt Sri Lanka 2016 is GAYAN HARSHAPRIYA

Sweden Patrick Sjoo

Manhunt Sweden 2016 is Patrick Sjoo

Thailand Phiratthaphong Mooltribut


Turkey Omer Faruk Paksoy

Manhunt Turkey 2016 is Omer Faruk Paksoy

Venezuela Francisco Antonio Gil Riera

Manhunt Venezuela 2016 is FRANCISCO ANTONIO GIL RIERA

Vietnam Tuan Hoang Vu

Manhunt Vietnam 2016 is Tuan Hoang Vu

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