Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Volleyball Hottie John Vic O. de Guzman

I was watching “Bawal Judgmental” today on Eat Bulaga and their guest contestant is a hottie volleyball player. It’s my first time to see him since I don’t usually watch TV. His name is John Vic O. de Guzman and he’s a professional volleyball player.

His jawline is so masculine and appealing. I wish him good luck in his TV guesting today. His Twitter account revealed that he’s active on Bigo Live, has done a commercial / endorsement with Bench and is currently an artist of GMA Artist Center.

John Vic 2


John Vic 3


John Vic 4


John Vic 5


John Vic 6


John Vic 7


John Vic 8


John Vic 9


John Vic

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