Friday, November 11, 2011

About Video Scandals and Puri Titiwang Presents

I’m a member of Puri Titiwang Presents up until November 5, 2011 when all of a sudden, I’ve stopped receiving Yahoo! updates from that Yahoo! Group. Anyone have an idea what happened to the group? I’ve tried to search for it in Yahoo! Groups thinking that I was kicked out of the group, but Puri Titiwang Presents no longer exists in the Yahoo! Group. Please advised me on what happened to the group. Also, if you have a similar group, please let me know so that I could join.

I recently read from Calvin’s Hub about the 5-ill suited topics to boost your blog traffic and guess what’s the number 1 topic: showbiz scandals. Calvin is definitely right about it. In fact, it’s funny to know that this blog received a lot of traffic when Toffee Calma was featured wearing white Calvin Klein underwear and I’ve been receiving requests for his alleged video.

I do collect some of these alleged videos and I have the copy of Jose Sarasola, Dave Joson, Paolo Serrano, Toffee Calma, Van Mike Burgos, Derek Estacio and Duane Lao. I must say that Derek and Duane’s video was the hottest I’ve seen so far. Do you have other video scandals stored on your computer? Please send me some so that I could add it to my collection. If you want a copy of these alleged videos that I mentioned, please let me know.

jose sarasoladave joson  Paolo Serrano 05 toffee calma Van_Mike_Burgos


  1. hi good day. Can i have a copy of those videos. Here's my email address tnx in advance and more power to your blog.

  2. Hi, cn u send me copy of toffe calama. Heres my email add Tnx much.