Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recent Sexy Guys from 11-26-11

I love the website Hot Men in the Philippines a.k.a. It’s the number source of entertainment news in the Philippines when it comes to sexy Pinoy celebrities, athletes, and models. I don’t know how the blogger is getting all these photos which are sometimes very casual and never-before-seen. He’s probably a big name in the entertainment industry to have access to such pictures. Do you know the person behind that blog?

Here are the recent guys that were featured in rddantes. Enjoy!

Albie Casino

Albie Casino (now and then)

Alexander Vega Hidalgo

Alexander Vega Hidalgo

Aljur and Rocco 

Aljur and Rocco

Asia Pacific Bikini Summit 2011

The guys of Asia Pacific Bikini Summit 2011

Brazilian Models

Brazilian Models (gorgeous bulges!)

David and Anthony Semerads

Twins David and Anthony Semerads

David and Benjamin Tang

Brothers David and Benjamin Tang

derek ramsey Arjem Solas 

Derek Ramsey and Arjem Solas

Fabio Ide JC de Vera

Fabio Ide and JC de Vera

Jake Mendoza 

Jake Mendoza (now and then)

Jon Avila Kris Lawrence

Jon Avila and Kris Lawrence

JR Cawaling Mark McMahon

JR Cawaling (very cute) and Mark McMahon (what a bulge!)

June Macasaet 

June Macasaet

Louie Favila

Louie Favila

Lucas Tagarda

Lucas Tagarda

  Michael Strickland Paolo Roldan

Michael Strickland and Paolo Roldan (international Filipino male model)

Ram Sagad Richard Pangilinan

Ram Sagad and Richard Pangilinan (the king of bikini open)

Robby Cubacub

Robby Cubacub

Robin Kelly Ocampo Simon Atkins

Robin Kelly Ocampo and Simon Atkins (the most handsome basketball player for me)

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