Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wish ko lang, mag-promote ang Azkals (football team) or Philippine Volcanoes (rugby team) ng brand ng supporter (jockstrap). Talagang dapat perfect ang pwet ng endorser divah? :)

(How I wish the Azkals or Philippine Volcanoes would endorse a brand of jockstrap. The model should have a perfect butt, right?) Photos courtesy of Jockstrap Central.

jsc-safetgard-1 jsc-safetgard-3 jsc-safetgard-4 jsc-safetgard-6 jsc-safetgard-7 jsc-safetgard-9 jsc-safetgard-10 jsc-safetgard-11 jsc-safetgard-15 jsc-safetgard-16 jsc-safetgard-17 jsc-safetgard-20

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