Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boyband McFly for Attitude Magazine

I never heard of the English (British) band McFly until recently, when they were featured in the British gay magazine, Attitude. So I got interested in the band and learned that they were in the 2006 film Just My Luck, starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine.

Like most boybands, they were cute as usual. I’ll probably download their greatest hits and try to listen to them. For now, let’s drool over their gorgeous body as it appeared in Attitude as photographed by Philip Riches.

mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-01 mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-11 mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-31mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-41mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-21   mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-51 mcfly-shot-by-philip-riches-61 

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