Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cosmo Men 2016 from Reco Modelling Agency

The annual Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bachelor Bash 2016 is just around the corner. Reco Modelling Agency gave us a glimpse on what to expect from this year’s Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2016 by posting some pictures of their talents on Facebook.

Anjo Damiles

Anjo Damiles

Anthony Wahl

Anthony Wahl – Hungarian/Filipino/American

Cosmo 2016 bCosmo 2016 cCosmo 2016 dCosmo 2016 eCosmo 2016Daniel Morres

Daniel Morres – German travelling the world

Elmore Ornelas

Elmore Ornelas

Marcus Arthur

Marcus Arthur

Philip Lampart

Philip Lampart – Filipino/Swiss

Terry Surjan

Terry Surjan – 22 years old, Filipino/Polish

Tom E.

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