Monday, September 12, 2016

James Reid and the Cosmo Centerfolds 2016

It’s unfortunate that there will be no Bachelor Bash for 2016. Hopefully by 2017, the Cosmo Bachelor Bash will be back. Is this because of low magazine sales due to advent of the Internet?

Anyway, this year’s Cosmo Centerfolds 2016 includes James Reid, Vin Abrenica, Misagh Bahadoran, Albie Casino, Stefano Churchill, Zeus Collins, Tom Esconde, Tommy Esguerra, Diego Loyzaga and JC Santos.

Albie Casino Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2016

Albie Casino

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2016 v2

JC Santos

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2016

Diego Loyzaga

Cosmo Centerfold 2016

James Reid

James Reid Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2016

James Reid

Raffa Inigo Cosmo 2016

Raffa Inigo

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