Monday, November 21, 2011

Shawn Stingel: Model and Blogger

There are a lot of gorgeous male models out there. What differentiate Shawn Stingel from the rest of the pack is that he’s also a blogger. Not every male model has a blog. You can visit his blog here.

By the way, Shawn Stingel is a 29 year old male model from Washington, D.C., USA. He already worked with photographers like Miguel Suarez and Rudy K,

Pin-Up2 Shawn04 Shawn05 Shawn06 SHAWN-4765 SHAWN-4773 SHAWN-4795 SHAWN-STINGEL-by-RUDY-K-01 shawn-stingel-miguelsuarez shawn-stingel-miguelsuarez3shawn-stingel-miguelsuarez2  shawn-stinguel-miguelsuarez4 shawn-stinguel-miguelsuarez5 untitled-2939 Valentine2 Valentine3LR

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