Thursday, November 3, 2011

André Ziehe for 2(x)ist

Just a quick post. Here’s André Ziehe promoting the latest underwear from 2(x)ist. I’m not sure if this brand of underwear is marketed in the Philippines (I haven’t seen one) but it’s certainly a collection that is very nice to gaze upon.

André Ziehe by the way is a Brazilian male model managed by DF Model Management Brazil.

andre-ziehe-2xist-01 andre-ziehe-2xist-11 andre-ziehe-2xist-21 andre-ziehe-2xist-31 andre-ziehe-2xist-41 andre-ziehe-2xist-51 andre-ziehe-2xist-61 andre-ziehe-2xist-71 andre-ziehe-2xist-81

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