Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facebook Cutie: Alex Sta. Ines

He’s a certified Top! Alex Sta. Ines is one of the cutest guys in my Facebook Friend’s List. He’s working for an advertising company. He just recently posted some of his latest pictures and I’m reposting it here. Check out his other cute, gorgeous, sexy pictures at his page.

215302_10150170377127825_630872824_6782172_8291263_n 216118_10150170307697825_630872824_6781520_6595557_n 216314_10150170376877825_630872824_6782171_107931_n 217225_10150170377347825_630872824_6782173_5160172_n 218002_10150170377522825_630872824_6782174_3472778_n 60119_443097532824_630872824_5119466_2307380_n 207615_10150170377742825_630872824_6782176_5543348_n 208211_10150170307532825_630872824_6781517_5720890_n

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