Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recent Sexy Guys from

Hot Men in the Philippines a.k.a. is the most popular site when it comes to sexy Filipino guys. Here are some of the most sexy Filipino guys featured on the site:

adam ibrahimAdam Ibrahim

arjem solasArjem Solas

Davin and JudahDavin Sommerauer and Judah Jyreh Cohen

Deny Barros and Ygor PignatariDeny Barros and Ygor Pignatari


Farsam NasirianFarsam Nasirian

Gui AdornoGui Adorno

Kevin John ZaldarriagaKevin John Zaldarriaga

KevinRDD1Kevin Sisco

Rafael-BergerRafael Berger

RaffyEndoRaffy Endo

WalissonRamosWallison Ramos

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