Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boxers or Briefs?

I always ask it to a new textmate. I’m always interested to know if a guy prefers boxers or briefs. I also ask for the brand. Fetish.

Here are the latest briefs from Amat Underwear:

amat-underwear-01 amat-underwear-11 amat-underwear-21 amat-underwear-31  amat-underwear-51 

And here are the latest boxers from Opositor Underwear. So guys, which style do you prefer?

opositor-underwear-11 opositor-underwear-21 opositor-underwear-31 opositor-underwear-41 opositor-underwear-61 opositor-underwear-71 opositor-underwear-81 opositor-underwear-91

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