Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Gods of Football

I want to thank David Beckham for visiting the Philippines and playing with our local football team, The Azkals. Speaking of football, here are the Gods of Football, from the land down under. I sure hope that The Azkals would have a more daring pictures like these:

BrettKellyShower DanielConn gods-of-football-01 gods-of-football-11 gods-of-football-21 gods-of-football-31 gods-of-football-41 gods-of-football-51 gods-of-football-61 gods-of-football-71 gods-of-football-81 gods-of-football-91 JohnWilliams09 KayneLawtonNudeBall1 MattCooper2 MattCooperYacht02 MichaelWitt michael-witt-3 NathanielNarnes02 NickYoungquest3111 SandorEarl02 ShannonHegarty3

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