Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nick Bracks for underBRACKS

Nick Bracks is an Australian model and TV personality. He is best known for being a contestant in the Australian reality show “Dancing with the Stars”.

He was also an in-demand model and the son of a popular politician. We can probably say that he’s Australia’s equivalent of Borgy Manotoc. He also recently launched an underwear brand named underBRACKS. Check out his following publicity pictures! He’s sexy, right?

nick-bracks-for-dna-magazine-51 nick-bracks-for-dna-magazine-81 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-01 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-11 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-21 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-31 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-41 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-51 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-61 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-71 nick-bracks-for-underbracks-81 

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