Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mark Whittington’s Black and White Pictures

Mark Whittington’s message in his Facebook page:

I just want to apologise for not being very active on facebook! i no longer model in the Philippines but I will be doing some work in Australia very soon! so keep your eyes peeled and spread the word! more pics to come guys ;) thanks for all the comments and support! much Love!

I would definitely miss him. I thought his career is about to take flight ever since I saw him in Cosmo’s 69 Bachelors. I even seen him in a publicity pictures wearing Folded & Hung underwear which was shot by photographer Ash Reginald Evasco. (I’m still getting his permission to post those hot underwear pictures of Mark Whittington). Anyways, here are his black and white pictures taken from his Facebook page.

216618_247383555281106_162893530396776_981525_4880333_n 216798_247383565281105_162893530396776_981526_5261049_n 224558_247383521947776_162893530396776_981523_6687837_n  251398_247383198614475_162893530396776_981519_5079391_n 251633_247383231947805_162893530396776_981520_3204841_n 282413_247383185281143_162893530396776_981518_2892316_n    

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