Saturday, December 3, 2011

Australian Model Zascha Knochell

I’ve been drawn to a lot of Australian models lately. Take for example Zascha Knochell. He’s an Australian model based in Sydney and became the latest product endorser of underwear brand Oskar Franks. I guess my attraction to male celebrities and model started with the late Australian actor Heath Ledger. Since then, I’ve admired Australian actors and models alike.

Here are the latest photos of Zascha Knochell by photographer Fernando Baraza.

oskar-franks-underwear-01 oskar-franks-underwear-11 oskar-franks-underwear-21 oskar-franks-underwear-31 oskar-franks-underwear-41 oskar-franks-underwear-51 oskar-franks-underwear-61

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