Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Share Your Video Scandals Collection Safely

When I did an experiment regarding search engine optimization (increasing blog traffic using key words on a blog post), I never realized that it actually works. I get the idea from Calvin’s Hub in one of his blog posts. Due to that experiment, I got a lot of emails requesting for video scandals of celebrities and indie actors. I also did some search via Google to get the other video scandals that these readers are requesting. So far, here are the video scandals on my Dropbox:

Pinoy Scandals List

So how did I download these video scandals and how do I share these safely with you, my readers? If the video is on Xtube (like in the case of Miko Pasamonte’s alleged video scandal), we can use the free software Xtube downloader to copy it and save it on our hard disk. Now, there are A LOT of Xtube video downloader on the Net but I prefer this one.

xTube Video Downloader2

When it comes to sharing these files safely with you guys, Dropbox is the answer. All I did was install the software, copied all the video sex scandals in the Dropbox folder and get the public link and share it with you guys via email. No need to click several links and ask you to sign up for something. No need to go to different sites where these videos are supposed to be located. No need to take the risk of downloading a video that contains a virus.

So do you want me to send you the public links to these video scandals? Let me know: badingnakolboy(at)gmail.com.

So far, here are the celebrities that have these alleged video scandals: Dave Joson, Derek Estacio and Duane Lao, Jose Sarasola, Paolo Serrano, Toffee Calma, Van Mike Burgos, Johan Santos, Russel Edge, Miko Pasamonte and an anonymous hot guy.

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