Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colorful Underwear from Snatch

Snatch is a French underwear brand and it recently released a very colorful collection of underwear for guys. These gorgeous guys in colorful underwear was shot by French photographer Sylvio Testa. I hope our local brand Bench would come up with such colorful and playful designs.

snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-01 snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-11 snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-31snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-41snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-51snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-21    snatch-underwear-by-sylvio-testa-61

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