Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jaymes and James of The Amazing Race Season 21

I can’t get enough of Jaymes and James – the Chippendale team of The Amazing Race Season 21. It already ended last month but I’m still watching it for the second time simply because I adore Jaymes and James.

They’re among my favorite teams in The Amazing Race of all times and like so many of their fans, we hope to see them again in the next Amazing Race All-Stars or Unfinished Business. Jaymes is a very hunky gay guy and I idolize him, a lot! I also love their friendship and their chemistry in the entire season 21. They’re so easy to love.

Here are some of their gorgeous pictures!

james davis

James Davis

jaymes and james 3jaymes and james 4

jaymes and james 6

Right now, aside from their regular performance as Chippendales, they’re also busy with their fundraising on the Forget Cancer Now website

jaymes vaughan 3jaymes vaughan 4

jaymes vaughan 7jaymes vaughan 8jaymes vaughan 9

Jaymes Vaughan, including his younger modeling photos

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