Monday, January 14, 2013

Who’s That Folded & Hung Guy?

I only saw the 2012 Holiday Collection of Folded & Hung today and I can’t help but wonder who’s that male model. He’s surely someone new to me and it’s a great relief to see a different model for this fashion and clothing brand.

Please help me out in knowing his name. Thanks!

Folded and Hung 2Folded and Hung 3Folded and Hung 4Folded and Hung 5Folded and Hung 6Folded and Hung 7Folded and Hung 8Folded and Hung 9Folded and Hung 10Folded and Hung 11Folded and Hung 12Folded and Hung 13Folded and Hung 14Folded and Hung

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