Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Incredibly Photogenic Jello Salva

When I saw the pictures of Jello Salva on Facebook, I can’t help but ask for his permission to re-post it here. He’s one of the most photogenic guys I’ve seen on Facebook and is currently being followed by 10,076 people.

I’ve checked his other pictures and profile and learned that he appeared on print ads for Robinsons Townville Regalado, the New Postal ID, Globe ChatPlus, ThaiDara Restaurant, among others.

Aside from his pretty looks, Jello Salva studied at Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy and works for Heaven In My Mouth and Zuellig Pharma Philippines.

I sure hope to see more projects for the incredibly photogenic Jello Salva.

Jello Salva 2Jello Salva 3Jello Salva 4Jello Salva 5Jello Salva 6Jello Salva 7Jello Salva 8Jello Salva 9Jello Salva 10Jello Salva 11Jello Salva 12Jello Salva 13Jello Salva 14

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