Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zac Efron’s Visit To The Philippines

Finally, Just Jared posted the recent visit of Penshoppe endorser Zac Efron. The 25 year old star of such hit movies like “High School Musical”, “The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud” and “The Lucky One” recently visited the country for Penshoppe.

I hope you’ll visit the country again really soon. These pictures of Zac Efron were taken at Misibis Bay in Bicol, the same place featured in the 2nd season of “The Amazing Race Australia”. I adore Zac Efron in these pictures.

zac-efron-phillipines-trip-01 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-02 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-03 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-04 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-05 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-06 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-07 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-08 zac-efron-phillipines-trip-09

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