Monday, March 14, 2011

Aaron Christian Rivera

I love the color of the boxer brief. I love the location.

[Edit: Photos of the male model wearing green boxer brief were taken down due to an email from the alleged girlfriend of Aaron Christian Rivera. The email reads: 

"I already asked nicely a long time ago but i didn't get a positive response. I'm Aaron Rivera's girlfriend and i'd appreciate if you delete this. I believe you mentioned about violations and rights to privacy in your policies and disclaimer? I think we have a say in this considering you don't own the photos nor know the person involved."

Although the request didn't come from Aaron Christian Rivera himself nor the photographer who technically owns the picture, I decided to honor the request since it was done in a friendly manner and the sender seems to be the genuine girlfriend of Aaron Christian Rivera. Those pictures were taken in good taste by the way and the photographer really brought out the best in the male model.]

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