Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Imported Cutie: Vince Azzopardi

I saw this guy on Homotrophy and he’s really gorgeous for me. He’s sexy, not so much of a gym buff but you can see his perfect abs. His name is Vince Azzopardi and he’s an endorser for underwear brand M-N Underwear. Check out the brand’s FB page here and the official website here.

vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-01 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-11 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-21 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-31 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-41 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-51 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-61 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-71 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-81 vince-azzopardi-for-m-n-underwear-91

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