Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Top 4 Gwiyomi Guys

For those of you living under a rock the last few days, Gwiyomi is the latest video meme nowadays. I’ve heard about this a few days ago but this is the only time that I was able to view it. Guess who is the first person I’ve seen performing the Gwiyomi craze – the scandalous Miko Pasamonte!

BTW, Wikipedia gave me a brief info on Gwiyomi:

“The internet meme is originated from a South Korean boy band BToB’s member Jung Ilhoon. According to The Bangkok Post, "Gwiyomi" or "Kiyomi" is Korean slang used to refer to a cute person.The lyrics of the song can be interpreted as "1 + 1 = Cutie, 2 + 2 = Cutie", etc. Gwiyomi (귀요미) is based on the adjective "gwiyeo-un" (귀여운), which means cute. Thus "gwiyomi" means a cute person.”

Here are my top 4 Gwiyomi, a.k.a. Cute Guys, performing the video:

Very masculine and cute

St. Cygnus

What’s his English name?

Cute guy from Korea

Teejay Marquez is definitely an eye candy

Teejay Marquez from the Philippines

The Scandalous Miko Pasamonte doing the Gwiyomi

Miko Pasamonte, also from the Philippines

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