Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Paper Boys: A Web Series

I saw this video of Paper Boys on my Facebook feed and it’s a promising new show on YouTube. It’s currently on its first 2 episodes and they actually need us to continue producing more episodes.

Paper Boys

The cast of Paper Boys: A Web Series

So based on the videos, it seems like a gay-themed series set in San Francisco and it involves an Asian-American guy named Cole who moved in with his guy friend Daren, who has a girlfriend named Rebecca.

What’s interesting about this web series is that, they’re financing their own project via the website Kickstarter. I never knew that the first two 12-minute episodes already cost them around $7,000 and they need another $7,500 to produce Episodes 3 and 4. That’s how costly it is. Talk about doing an indie web series shot in San Francisco.

Go watch the first 2 episodes and I believe that you’ll agree – this web series has a potential. They need all the help we could give. Let’s back their project.

Unfortunately, Windows Live Writer is acting up and I can’t post the first 2 episodes here of Paper Boys. Please go to YouTube and watch it. Highly recommended.

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