Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The 3 Cute Guys of Coke Commercial

Ever since the new Coke commercial came out (that features a remake of “Happy Together”), I got curious with the 3 cute guys of the commercial. The commercial is divided into 3 parts each depicting 3 kinds of love – romantic love, love for siblings and love for father.

In the first scene, a guy approached his crush and offered a bottle of Coke. The cute guy in red in this part is Jameson Blake. He is described on his Facebook fan page as “responsible son ng Pampanga”. He’s Filipino-American (Fil-Am), commercial model, ex-PBB housemate (PBB 737) and currently a member of Hashtag Showtime Boys. He’s 18 years old.

In the second scene, a kuya helped his younger brother perform a disappearing Coke-content act. The kuya is Van Allen Flores. He’s hard to search on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

In the third scene, a young man met his father at the airport. The young guy is John Carlo Alcantara. He’s a Spogify contestant (of noon-time show “Eat Bulaga”) and appeared on their November 10 and December 2, 2015 episodes. He’s a semi-finalist. His motto on his Twitter account is “envisioning my future that produces my passion”.

Scene 1

Jameson Blake

Scene 2

Kuya Van Allen Flores

Scene 3

John Carlo Alcantara

Jameson Blake 2Jameson Blake 3Jameson Blake 4

Jameson Blake

Van Allen Flores 2Van Allen Flores

Van Allen Flores

John Carlo Alcantara 3John Carlo Alcantara 4John Carlo Alcantara 6John Carlo Alcantara 7John Carlo Alcantara

John Carlo Alcantara

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