Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tin, Chal and Nicky by Photographer Norm Yip

Norm Yip is a photographer based in Hong Kong. He’s very famous for his photography works of beautiful Asian males. His latest work which were published in his blog, The Asian Male, features 3 Thai friends: Tin, Chal and Nicky. I love seeing guys wearing low-waist jeans and the brand of underwear shows.

You could also visit Norm Yip’s other works on Norm Yip Official Website.

TinChalNicky_NYP_0143 TinChalNicky_NYP_0177 TinChalNicky_NYP_0210 TinChalNicky_NYP_0223 TinChalNicky_NYP_0229 TinChalNicky_NYP_0232 TinChalNicky_NYP_0262 TinChalNicky_NYP_0312 TinChalNicky_NYP_0333 TinChalNicky_NYP_0352 TinChalNicky_NYP_0389 TinChalNicky_NYP_0486 TinChalNicky_NYP_0530 TinChalNicky_NYP_0658 TinChalNicky_NYP_0675 TinChalNicky_NYP_0745 TinChalNicky_NYP_0755 TinChalNicky_NYP_0757 TinChalNicky_NYP_0794 TinChalNicky_NYP_0847 TinChalNicky_NYP_0850

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