Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Boy Gone Bad by Ian Felix Alquiros

Ian Felix Alquiros is one of my favorite photographers. I’m a subscriber of his Facebook fan page. He recently published the “Good Boy Gone Bad” series and it’s truly sexy and wonderful. I love his models!

185380_10150396142624129_792174128_10489622_5152849_n 250054_10150396142569129_792174128_10489621_3882308_n 252057_10150396142514129_792174128_10489620_6820709_n 264295_10150396142454129_792174128_10489619_7730933_n 268698_10150396188714129_792174128_10490288_215107_n 270020_10150396189119129_792174128_10490296_7658853_n 281486_10150396142374129_792174128_10489618_4068755_n 284480_10150396188964129_792174128_10490292_3221126_n

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