Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boys in Bed

Giampaolo Sgura, a notable fashion photographer, release this series of photographs featuring so many boys, in bed. I can’t complain about his choice of models because they are so gorgeous. I just don’t get the idea whether the photographer is emphasizing the shoes that these boys are wearing, or the underwear, or the boys themselves. Well, it’s something different from the usual pictures of guys wearing only underwear, in bed.

What do you think?

giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-01 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-11 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-21 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-31 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-41 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-51 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-61 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-71 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-81 giampaolo-sgura-for-antidote-magazine-91 

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