Monday, April 2, 2012

Mossimo Underwear

I recently purchased a white Mossimo brief for me and my better half and I find it very sexy and comfortable. This is my first ever Mossimo brief and certainly not the last. I want to go back to the Mossimo Underneath store in Ali Mall, Cubao to purchase more!

Check out the following sexy designs of Mossimo Underwear from their Facebook fan page.

73778_129979703724650_126615920727695_160283_6941459_n 74315_129980137057940_126615920727695_160292_2731701_n 196294_165335773522376_126615920727695_350029_82441_n 197418_165335756855711_126615920727695_350027_7283234_n 197559_165335743522379_126615920727695_350026_525414_n 198880_165335783522375_126615920727695_350030_7516282_n 200266_165327326856554_126615920727695_349871_2791696_n 200266_165327330189887_5853428_n 200266_165327336856553_126615920727695_349874_3088225_n 200569_165335766855710_126615920727695_350028_2976105_n 207743_165335790189041_3706299_n

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