Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Superbods 2012: Salute To Sexy

Aside from the Mossimo Bikini Summit, the other pageant that I’m looking forward to watch is Century Tuna’s The Superbods. This year’s contest will be held in Boracay on April 14, 2012 with the tagline “Salute To Sexy”.

Who do you think will be the latest product endorser of Century Tuna?

As a teaser to this wonderful event, Century Tuna released (via their Facebook fan page) the latest publicity pictures of the finalist. This contest includes girls but I’m just interested with the hunks. Check them out!

295252_404081279604949_149833938363019_1624849_1265753749_n 404105_404080662938344_149833938363019_1624812_818731276_n 480237_404080709605006_149833938363019_1624814_987402855_n 546505_404081056271638_149833938363019_1624836_1160114228_n  552987_404080749605002_149833938363019_1624816_2078383578_n 549010_404080779604999_149833938363019_1624818_1607681572_n555712_404080812938329_149833938363019_1624820_19498394_n 556168_404081142938296_149833938363019_1624841_902550502_n 574518_404081182938292_149833938363019_1624843_1855267704_n 576488_404081089604968_149833938363019_1624838_1407895326_n

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