Monday, March 10, 2014

Westlife’s Kian Egan Launches Solo Album

I love the boyband group Westlife. I love listening to their songs. Personally, I don’t know them individually. I can’t even recall the members – and their surnames! I simply known them collectively as Westlife.

Well, they’ve disbanded a few years ago and now, Kian Egan (1/5 Westlife) is pursuing a solo career. He recently launched a solo album. I hope he’ll be successful.

These days, I’m also watching Season 2 of “The Big Reunion” – a reality TV show in the UK that features boybands (and girl acts) from the 90s. It’s already on its Season 2 and boyband A1 is there. Hopefully, Westlife will be reunited in this reality TV. I would love to hear them sing those famous Westlife songs all over again.

Kian Egan WestlifeKian-Egan-Home-Album-art-LR

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